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A Sound Installation as Part of Jason Danino Holt's Exhibition at the Indie Photography Group gallery


We took Sarah Kane’s iconic play Cleansed and stage it as an underwear store in a contemporary art gallery in south Tel Aviv.

The text of the play was broken down to 200 sentences.

Each sentence printed only once a pair of white underwear.

100 women, 100 men. 100% cotton, Israeli manufactured fabric, silk screen print.


The Dressing Room

Only people that bought a pair of underwear could go into the fitting room, which is a mirror and sound installation.

14 different sound tracks were produced by Guy Cohavi for this room - when a person enters they hear a recording of the whole scene from which the sentence they've just bought is taken from.

In this room the body of the viewer becomes the object. Whether they get undressed, try on their new underwear or stay fully clothed - they are in an intimate situation of self observation.

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