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Children Of The Sun


An open score after Maxim Gorky

Directed by Itai Doron at The  Haifa Theatre

The Haifa.It ‘Children of the Sun’ is the result of a 3 months encounter with Gorky energetic and extreme text. Instead if trying to find reliable ways of speaking this old text we set ourselves free from the original words and dived inside the different images, movements, ideologies and relationships imbedded in Gorky proposition. Using the principles of the Active analysis, Etudes and writing pages and pages of inner monologues – we tried to improvise ourselves inside the material seeking the intersection between the biography and the fiction. and by using real live video from the street just outside of the theatre as our background we try to find a twilight zone between Here and now / There and then  & / There and now – this fragile balance between reality and theatre. Each show is by default different – not just in e loose energetic kind of way but inherently different. The show composition and text is improvised – and the performers have huge freedom to act in relation to the outside world. It is Gorky play. The structure is the same every show but the way is ever-changing.


Directed by Itai Doron

Music by Guy Cohavi

Stage Design by Omri Rosenblum

Light Design by Lior Maytal Hoffman

Costumes Design by Adar Keilin

Poster Design by Amir Gurfinkel


Trailer | Shot and Edited by Guy Cohavi

You Shall Sleep Tonight


A Short Film By Guy Cohavi and Yael Mor

This short film was made in 30 days between Covid-19 quarantines for "Habait Theatre's Nasty Talk Festival"

"You Shall Sleep Tonight" is a story about four women- a lost mermaid, two telepathic women and one witch trying to decipher messages from the bottom of their consciousness.

Directed by Yael Mor and Guy Cohavi

Script by Yael Mor

Filmed and edited by Guy Cohavi

Music by Guy Cohavi



A Sound Installation as Part of Jason Danino Holt's Exhibition at the Indie Photography Group gallery


We took Sarah Kane’s iconic play Cleansed and stage it as an underwear store in a contemporary art gallery in south Tel Aviv.

The text of the play was broken down to 200 sentences.

Each sentence printed only once a pair of white underwear.

100 women, 100 men. 100% cotton, Israeli manufactured fabric, silk screen print.


The Dressing Room

Only people that bought a pair of underwear could go into the fitting room, which is a mirror and sound installation.

14 different sound tracks were produced by Guy Cohavi for this room - when a person enters they hear a recording of the whole scene from which the sentence they've just bought is taken from.

In this room the body of the viewer becomes the object. Whether they get undressed, try on their new underwear or stay fully clothed - they are in an intimate situation of self observation.


No Father Land


A Radio Play Written by Yael Mor for Haifa Theatre As Part Of “Impossible Theatres Festival"

Text by Yael Mor

Music by Guy Cohavi

Video by Amir Gurfinkel

No Father Land is a galactic horror event, detached from time But very place dependent.


A Radio Play Written by Yael Mor for Haifa Theatre As Part Of the “Impossible Theatres” Festival during the first lockdown in Israel Recorded in a live session using tape loops and modular synths




Part 1

A beautiful love story between two students in a German language zoom class

2 Parts Video by Guy Cohavi

The video was exhibited as part of "Beyond Somewhere" exhibition at the Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art

Part 2

Lick Me



A Sound work as Part of Shahar Afek's Exhibition at the Petach Tikva Museum of Art

The installation "Lick Me" functions as an edible archive of physical actions and mental states. The work was born out of Shahar’s personal experience when due to an illness he had to avoid solid foods.

On his doctors’ recommendation, Afek switched to an ice cream and popsicle-based diet. Designed to cool the oral cavity, soothe, and nourish the body, the popsicles became a source of comfort, allowing him to disconnect and dream.

The analogy between the popsicles and the artist’s body continues through a text written in the first person, which emanates from the freezer when the doors open, accompanied by music composed and performed by Guy Cohavi and declares “Now I have set, I am good and ready, lick me.”

Shahar Afek_Villa Lena-4.jpg



A Collaboration With The Artist Reouth Keren

at Bezalel MFA Degree Show

The sculptural installation is accompanied by a Sound installation made by Guy Cohavi.

The sound was created from unused / rejected pieces of music composed by Guy, that were physically taped together to an eternal tape loop.


A deaccessioned sculpture is redistributed digitally.

A museum׳s collection is not a static entity. In most cases, it expands thanks to new acquisitions or donations. However, there is a reverse procedure which is called deaccession, that calls for a reduction.

Items are usually excluded from a museum collection due to two main reasons:

1. The decision to sell a highly valued piece to enrich the collection

2. A work that was damaged and regarded as Total Loss or a work that did not keep its relevance in art history. The work revolves around a ceramic sculpture "Yael, 1985" that is deaccessioned from the collection of the Petah Tiqva Museum of Art. It is regarded as a total loss. The artist Reouth Keren tries to create another form of existence for this sculpture by using a 3D scanner and creating a digital prototype. This allows her to insert its copies into physical and virtual spaces.



Smart Home


In/Justice Israeli Shorts, Minshar For Art

Written and Directed by Daniel Susz

Music by Guy Cohavi

When a young soldier's home is invaded by a poetic general, he must come up with a master plan to reunite his family against the intruder



In Fury Thou Shalt Bring Forth Girls

A Play Written and Directed by Yael Mor  As Part Of The Creatos Hub at Habait Theatre Tel Aviv

Music by Guy Cohavi


A 20 minutes play about Esther and Esther, one is an obsessive ex-convict and the other is her probation officer.

Their relationship turns to dark places, as they collapse into each other's mind.


Fat White Rich Boy


Shay 'Tra' Litman is a young street artist and rapper, well known in the underground scene of Tel Aviv.

Fat White Rich Boy is his debut release, produced, played and recorded by Guy Cohavi


Mitorer Venach


Solo Album 


A solo album which was recorded on an 8-track Tape Recorder in Guy's living room after a strange encounter with a person from the past.


All instruments played and recorded by Guy Cohavi

Cover art by Ruti De Vries


2013 - 2017

Two Albums By The Band BUCHAREST


Bucharest is a band formed by four childhood friends from Jerusalem, who live and create in downtown

Tel Aviv. 

The band released two albums. Since their first release, the band toured all over Europe, playing in all kinds of places from small clubs to big Festivals.

The band members are Guy Cohavi, Danny Finkenthal, Yaniv Horovitz and Adiel Goldman.

These four fellas are keen believers of the D.I.Y approach, producing, recording and mixing all by themselves in Guy’s Studio.

BUDAPEST copy.jpg

The Caucasian Chalk Circle 


A Play by Bertolt Brecht
Directed by Ronen Ifrach and Liora Shechtman

At Nissan Nativ Acting Studio

Music by Guy Cohavi


Caucasian Chalk Circle tells the story of Grusha who sacrifices her happiness and dignity for the sake of an abandoned child she takes as her own


An Ass For An Ass


A Performance by Yael Mor  and Guy Cohavi As Part Of Ensemble Can's Festival “Florentine Debates" 

“An Ass For An Ass” is a 15 min storytelling and live music performance created especially for the "Ensemble Can" Festival.

The music and texts were performed live with tape loops cassette, bongos and a synthesizer


4.48 Psychosis


A Play by Sarah Kane
Staged by Amir Kliger at The  Haifa Theatre

This play is a journey through the mind, which showcases different stages in the mental hospitalization process of a young woman suffering from severe clinical depression. This unusual play does not have a list of characters, a specific location or a regular plot. It is constructed of fragments, broken and shattered pieces of a story, each told by different aspect of the shaky suffering soul, each written in its own voice and linguistic choices.


Director: Amir Kliger // Cast: Liron Ben-Shlush and Ishai Golan //  Music: Guy Cohavi // Light Design: Phyllis Rose // Stage Design: Amit Drori // Movement Director: Offir Dagan

Santa Maria


A Collaboration With The Artist Danny Finkenthal 

at The Tel-Hai Photography Museum

Music for a video work as part of Danny Finkenthal's exhibition "A Great Incomprehensible World"


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