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A Collaboration With The Artist Reouth Keren

at Bezalel MFA Degree Show

The sculptural installation is accompanied by a sound work made by Guy Cohavi. The sound was created from rejected / unused pieces of music composed by Guy, that are physically taped together to an eternal tape loop.


A deaccessioned sculpture is redistributed digitally.

A museum׳s collection is not a static entity. In most cases it expands thanks to new acquisitions or donations. However, there is a reverse procedure which is called deaccession, that calls for reduction.

Items are usually excluded from a museum collection due to two main reasons:

1. The decision to sell a highly valued piece to enrich the collection

2. A work that was damaged and regarded as Total Loss or a work that did not keep its relevance in art history. The work revolves around a ceramic sculpture "Yael, 1985" that is deaccessioned from the collection of the Petah Tiqva Museum of Art. It is regarded as a total loss. The artist Reouth Keren try to create another form of existence for this sculpture by using a 3D scanner and creates a digital prototype. This allows her to insert its copies to physical and virtual spaces.


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